Embracing Single-Life

     I've been happily single for a while now. Sure, as a mother, being single is not exactly ideal. However during this journey, I've found the good in waiting a substantial amount of time before entering a new relationship after my previous one ended. I personally waited a few years before even considering stepping into a new relationship.
    Here's why I'm glad I waited. I've been able to find myself and grow into the woman I need to be for God, myself, my son and even my future hubby. I've learned so much more about myself, my value and self-worth. I've been able to figure out what I want in life for myself, what truly makes me happy & more importantly how to love myself.
      I've done almost everything that I'll want to do with a partner, all alone and I'm pleased overall. From traveling, seeking God, learning new things, &accomplishing goals.       My relationship with God is top priority and my spiritual life has grown tremendousl…

Easy Way to Recharge Your Spirit

Do you ever wake up feeling unbalanced and mentally exhausted before your day even begins? Or everything seems out of place and you're going through an unending mental fog? Chances are most of us have had those days. One of the biggest reasons is that there are so many roles that we play each day i.e., being a parent, spouse, entrepreneur. Attaining those roles to your optimum ability is impossible without mental stability.

      I occasionally fall short trying to keep it all together. It wasn't until recently I realized I simply needed to RECHARGE. We go day to day piling information in our brains, becoming more robotic and it's due to lack of rejuvenation.

     Want  to know a major key to finding balance and recharging successfully? #DETOX #DETOX #DETOX!!! This is the best way to cleanse your aura. Anything you feel is over powering or has a negative impact on your mental state, you should discard it. Ironically, it's usually the most subtle bad habits that…
Hey loves! Hope you all are well! I recently celebrated my favorite holiday! Z's Day! His big day was March 3rd and he was thrilled about turning 6 years old! He's been counting down the days for the past three months. The day finally came and I was excited for my sweet child! Not to mention, his birthday landed on a Friday this year, that was another win!

    While Z counted down the seconds to his big day, I began to reflect back on the moment I gave birth to him up until his 6th birthday. I'm amazed at how fast he's grown and the lengths I've come in parenting this little person. He's always brought so much joy and light into my life. I'm so glad I followed God's course and trusted that he had major plans and a distinct purpose for creating him, despite my fears (Z came by surprise! :)) I was scared, as any first time mom would be, but I trusted God's timing. I've accomplished goals and dreamt dreams that I would not have otherwise witho…

Party of Love

We don't realize how innovative we are until after having our first child, am I right?! My son's kindergarten class is having a Valentine's Day party  and I decided to keep things fun yet simple this year with candy, cards, etc,. The reason being isn't due to procrastination [which I made my new year's resolution and have progressed since]. It's more so because I usually think of all these grand ideas and don't always have the time to follow through with them (MOM PROBS!).
Here's everything I used in the picture below:

    I may or may not be turning into a Pinterest mom. I walked in Z's room and noticed that his Star Wars 2016 calendar was still up on the wall (don't judge me haha). I decided I'd put it to use and use it to make his Valentine's box (FYI I bought the Star Wars calendar from the dollar store!). The box I used was a standard shoe box. I used a pair of kid's scissors, of course Z was eager to cut and get crafty, and…

4 healthy ways to start your day

My mornings were an absolute wreck before taking the time to formulate a healthier approach to starting my day. Ironically, I am a morning person so you'd think things would flow a little easier for me; they never did. I would wake up shower, rush to find clothes, skip breakfast, toss my hair in a bun, sit on the edge of my bed for a few minutes to daydream, then head out for the day. My mornings weren't formative, which didn't allow me to be as productive as I could've been through out the day. Here's 4 ways I've added substance to my mornings! Now I feel so much better in the morning, I'm happier and I'm able to cross more off of my daily agenda. I hope that these tips can help you too!


     Starting your day with a quick prayer helps center you. Giving God honor and showing gratitude for his goodness is an awesome way to bring peace into your day. Add meditation, breathing techniques, a few yoga moves and your day is off to a calm…

Raising a Grateful Child

Oh how we love the holidays! The hustle and bustle, good times with family and friends, the food, all makes for great memories. This year's holidays however, were especially a time to remember for my family and I. I was reminded on how important it is to parent with gratitude in order to raise a grateful child.
   Children are born believing that the world revolves around them. The moment that they enter the world they are extremely yet innocently demanding. Every need is catered to with just a simple cry. Rather it's food, a diaper change, climate change, or even a foot rub, we're on it. However as parents/guardians and adults, we have the task of teaching them otherwise. Trust, it is for their own good and for our sanity. The earlier they're made aware, the better.
  My five year old son started kindergarten this school year and I was so elated, kindergarten is so cool. I've seen such a change in him. He went from mid-day naps and coloring days to spelling and …