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4 healthy ways to start your day

My mornings were an absolute wreck before taking the time to formulate a healthier approach to starting my day. Ironically, I am a morning person so you'd think things would flow a little easier for me; they never did. I would wake up shower, rush to find clothes, skip breakfast, toss my hair in a bun, sit on the edge of my bed for a few minutes to daydream, then head out for the day. My mornings weren't formative, which didn't allow me to be as productive as I could've been through out the day. Here's 4 ways I've added substance to my mornings! Now I feel so much better in the morning, I'm happier and I'm able to cross more off of my daily agenda. I hope that these tips can help you too!


     Starting your day with a quick prayer helps center you. Giving God honor and showing gratitude for his goodness is an awesome way to bring peace into your day. Add meditation, breathing techniques, a few yoga moves and your day is off to a calm…

Raising a Grateful Child

Oh how we love the holidays! The hustle and bustle, good times with family and friends, the food, all makes for great memories. This year's holidays however, were especially a time to remember for my family and I. I was reminded on how important it is to parent with gratitude in order to raise a grateful child.
   Children are born believing that the world revolves around them. The moment that they enter the world they are extremely yet innocently demanding. Every need is catered to with just a simple cry. Rather it's food, a diaper change, climate change, or even a foot rub, we're on it. However as parents/guardians and adults, we have the task of teaching them otherwise. Trust, it is for their own good and for our sanity. The earlier they're made aware, the better.
  My five year old son started kindergarten this school year and I was so elated, kindergarten is so cool. I've seen such a change in him. He went from mid-day naps and coloring days to spelling and …