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Easy Way to Recharge Your Spirit

           Do you ever wake up feeling unbalanced and mentally exhausted before your day even begins? Or everything seems out of place and you're going through an unending mental fog? Chances are most of us have had those days. One of the biggest reasons is that there are so many roles that we play each day i.e., being a parent, spouse, entrepreneur. Attaining those roles to your optimum ability is impossible without mental stability.       I occasionally fall short trying to keep it all together. It wasn't until recently I realized I simply needed to RECHARGE . We go day to day piling information in our brains, becoming more robotic and it's due to lack of rejuvenation.      Want  to know a major key to finding balance and recharging successfully? #DETOX #DETOX #DETOX!!! This is the best way to cleanse your aura. Anything you feel is over powering or has a negative impact on your mental state, you should discard it. Ironically, it's usually the most subtle b