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Party of Love

    We don't realize how innovative we are until after having our first child, am I right?! My son's kindergarten class is having a Valentine's Day party  and I decided to keep things fun yet simple this year with candy, cards, etc,. The reason being isn't due to procrastination [which I made my new year's resolution and have progressed since]. It's more so because I usually think of all these grand ideas and don't always have the time to follow through with them (MOM PROBS!). Here's everything I used in the picture below:     I may or may not be turning into a Pinterest mom. I walked in Z's room and noticed that his Star Wars 2016 calendar was still up on the wall (don't judge me haha). I decided I'd put it to use and use it to make his Valentine's box (FYI I bought the Star Wars calendar from the dollar store!). The box I used was a standard shoe box. I used a pair of kid's scissors, of course Z was eager to cut and get craf