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Single Moms’ Club

  A letter written to myself published in hopes of inspiring someone else ...        If you were anything like me as a teenager, you would’ve had your entire life planned out and was confident that nothing or no one could stand in the way of it. I had my life drawn out all through grandparent-hood Haha! Seriously!      I remember wanting to graduate college, start a career and be married by 25, be fruitful and enjoy endless trips around the world. I had no idea that life getting in the way of those plans could happen. Soul searching and finding myself was not exactly on my list. Where was I going to find time to seek within and find my purpose in life while following my strict quest towards “success”? Absolutely nowhere.    There was nothing wrong with what I thought I wanted then, but of course as I grew older, I quickly learned that life doesn’t always go as we plan. After entering a relationship and motherhood at a fairly young age, soul searching and finding myself were th