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Hey loves! Hope you all are well! I recently celebrated my favorite holiday! Z's Day! His big day was March 3rd and he was thrilled about turning 6 years old! He's been counting down the days for the past three months. The day finally came and I was excited for my sweet child! Not to mention, his birthday landed on a Friday this year, that was another win!

    While Z counted down the seconds to his big day, I began to reflect back on the moment I gave birth to him up until his 6th birthday. I'm amazed at how fast he's grown and the lengths I've come in parenting this little person. He's always brought so much joy and light into my life. I'm so glad I followed God's course and trusted that he had major plans and a distinct purpose for creating him, despite my fears (Z came by surprise! :)) I was scared, as any first time mom would be, but I trusted God's timing. I've accomplished goals and dreamt dreams that I would not have otherwise witho…