Party of Love

    We don't realize how innovative we are until after having our first child, am I right?! My son's kindergarten class is having a Valentine's Day party  and I decided to keep things fun yet simple this year with candy, cards, etc,. The reason being isn't due to procrastination [which I made my new year's resolution and have progressed since]. It's more so because I usually think of all these grand ideas and don't always have the time to follow through with them (MOM PROBS!).
Here's everything I used in the picture below:

    I may or may not be turning into a Pinterest mom. I walked in Z's room and noticed that his Star Wars 2016 calendar was still up on the wall (don't judge me haha). I decided I'd put it to use and use it to make his Valentine's box (FYI I bought the Star Wars calendar from the dollar store!). The box I used was a standard shoe box. I used a pair of kid's scissors, of course Z was eager to cut and get crafty, and scotch tape.

   Z's showing his love with skittles this year with cute little notes attached to them. I purchased the box of skittles from Walmart. There's 23 kids in his class and I purchased a 25 count box priced at $2.94. The stickers were included and attached to the packs of skittles. I allowed Z to write his name on the "from" line of each one and I wrote each classmate's name afterward. Z and I also cut out a purple heart for him to fill with all that he loves! He's going to bring it to the class party to show his teacher and friends. I am such a lover of all the red, the candy, the little fun notes and another way to bond with my son! We call February the "month of Love" but let's remember  to love more often, in any way possible!


  1. AAAhhh... I miss these days with my boys- making valentines and celebrating together. SO much fun :)

    1. I bet! It's just another awesome way to bond with them! Love it ❤️

  2. Making Valentines sounds like so much fun- you go mama!

  3. Awww super cute! These are the things I am kind of excited about when I have my first :)


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